Project Location:

The proposed Salt Springs Water District is located along Salt Springs Road from the intersection with North Eagle Village Road in the Town on Manlius in Onondaga County to the town boundary, and along Salt Springs Road in the Town of Sullivan in Madison County from the town boundary to the intersection with Sleepy Hollow Road. Please refer to the Project Map for the Core Project area and the Potential areas to be included in the Salt Springs Water District. 

Project Purpose:

The purpose of this project is to provide residents in the Salt Springs area with a reliable source of public water with sufficient pressure and fire protection.

Project Objectives:

  • Provide residents with public water with sufficient pressure and fire protection, addressing the low yield and low pressure problems from resident’s wells.
  • Provide public water to Clearpath for Veterans.

Current Conditions:

The residents within the Salt Springs Road area in the Town of Manlius and the Town of Sullivan currently get their water from private wells on their property or through shared wells with their neighbors. Within the general Salt Springs area it has been noted that some wells have poor water quality and/or poor yields.  Fire protection is also not available.  Many residents have indicated the need for water softening systems to reduce the hardness of well water that prematurely damages internal plumbing fixtures. Water softeners requires significant purchase of salt to operate, costs that would be offset by a potential public water system.

The existing Skyridge water district is comprised of 29 homes that are served by two community wells and a water storage tank. The wells that are serving the Skyridge water district have been deemed by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) as potentially susceptible to microbes and nitrates in a Source Water Assessment. The source water is disinfected by adding chlorine at the tank pump station. This system is currently maintained by the Onondaga County Water Authority (OCWA).

Residents in this water district experience low pressure and fire flow protections. The water mains within the current system are galvanized steel, and have not shown any signs of corrosion, leaks, or breaks. However due to the age of the system the galvanized steel need to be replaced. The existing 50,000 gallon steel water tank was installed in 1962, and recoated in 1992; while the exterior of the existing storage tank appears to be in good condition, the condition of the interior of the tank is relatively unknown as the tank has not been drained and inspected in some time.

In addition to maintaining the Skyridge water district, OCWA also conducts testing for microbe weekly, chlorine daily, and other contaminates on a schedule that meet the NYS Sanitary Code. Following testing for contaminates in 2019, resident taps within the Skyridge water district were found to violated the Lead contaminate level; the lead detected could be attributed to corrosion within the household plumbing of the five homes tested or to erosion of natural deposits.