Project Introduction:

The Town of Manlius and Town of Sullivan are exploring the possibility of a Joint Salt Springs Water Project in response to public interest.  This potential project aims to provide a reliable drinking water supply and fire protection to an area generally known for its poor water yields, water hardness, and shallow bedrock. 

The project is currently in the “district formation” stage where, in accordance with NYS Town Law, Town water districts must be established to define service area boundaries, project infrastructure and estimated costs. 

Please refer to the information contained within this website for additional details.  Questions and comments are encouraged.

Project Update – April 2021:

Public Hearing Dates for the Salt Springs Water Project – April 14th and April 28th

Comments and Questions submitted through this website during the public hearing period will be submitted to the Town’s Supervisors Offices and to Barton & Loguidice, D.P.C.

The project comment period is open from April 14th – April 28th.

Project Update – March 2021:

The project’s engineering consultant, Barton & Loguidice, DPC completed a Preliminary Engineering Report/Map & Plan dated March 2021 for the existing Town of Manlius Skyridge Water District.  This report and corresponding presentation to the Town of Manlius Board on March 10th detail a restructuring of the Joint Salt Springs Water Project that allows the Skyridge Water District to act as the project “lead”.  This will enable the project to progress more quickly to a funding-eligible state and provide a more equitable structure to all involved parties. Project information has been updated throughout this website including a copy of the Preliminary Engineering Report/Map & Plan and the March 10th Manlius Town Board presentation.